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Inside Erica's Closet

Welcome to my Blog! I post my recent projects and share my thoughts and experience with anyone who wants to learn more about quilting, counter-cross stitch or crocheting. Thanks for visiting, feel free to share your comments!

Quilt for my Grand-Nephew

So, my niece had her 3rd baby and it's a boy! My new grand-nephew Lucas needed a baby blanket so I got to work on my new obsession, quilting. I've been going to a great quilt shop down in Pelham, NH and they have everything a budding quilter could possibly want - fabrics as far as the eye can see, classes, great help, and best of all, rental time on their BIG sewing machines. Ooooo....

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Minions Invade!

It started innocently, one of my friends wanted a crocheted Minion, so I got a Amigurumi pattern and made one. My husband immediately confiscated it, and held it hostage for his chicken scampi. I love his scampi, so I figured it was easier to make a new one. And then another, then another...

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Amigurumi Stuffed Puppy Dog

My latest amigurumi project for my nephew, who loves puppy dogs (who doesn't?). I got the pattern from Ravelry, called Amigurumi Stuffed Puppy Dog by Mary Walker. So far, I am really enjoying putting it together and watching it come to life. I'll post pictures when it's done and add it to my store in case someone out there wants me to make them one!
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